Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips & FAQ's

These are a few tips & questions that may help you & your photographer get the most from your day.


  • Meet your potential photographer and spend a bit of time with them so you know you feel comfortable enough to share your day with them.
  • View samples of their albums and ask to view their proofs or on line galleries if possible, this will show that the wedding was a live event rather than a staged wedding for photography purposes. Try and view more than one sample album if possible.
  • Ask if your price includes airbrushing and editing of pictures for the Bride and Groom at least to ensure that you don't have to worry about that untimely blemish for years to come.
  • Discuss a mix of colour and black & white pictures once you have selected your pictures for the album. We would recommend avoiding fashionable trends like spot colour (mix of B&W and colour on one picture) this would look very dated very quickly.
  • A good album should be one that you dream of having rather than accept because of budget/situation. It is your one visual memory that you need to feel proud of every time you bring it out to show guests.
  • Don't be put off if your photographer has not photographed hundreds of weddings. All photographers start somewhere and the sample albums should show you the quality of their work.
  • Ask about back up equipment, you need to make sure your photographer has a back up camera of a suitable quality in case they suffer a malfunction on the day.
  • Enquire as to what steps your photographer takes during the day to ensure they will not lose any of the pictures due to a failing or lost memory card.
  • Also ask what procedures they take when uploading the pictures onto their computer, do they have a back up system in place in case their computer crashes and an off site storage in case of fire or theft.
  • We would recommend having full day coverage to include the preparation shots if possible as this helps to tell the whole story when designing your album. Your photographer should be mindful of your wishes when getting ready though.
  • When booking your ceremony & breakfast dinner, try and leave the photographer enough time in between to capture a combination of group and reportage shots. We would recommend around 2 hours to capture a nice full range.
  • If you are opting for a winter wedding, be mindful of dusk times. Light normally drops off to a low level around 15.00 so it would be advisable to go for an earlier ceremony.
  • Spring and autumn are superb times of year for lighting conditions due to the colour temperature of the light and the lower position of the sun in sky. Direct overhead sun can cause unpleasant shadows under eye sockets and nose.
  • Don't be too disheartened by an overcast or rainy day. Although this is your last choice you do not want it to spoil your day and the slight silver lining is that rainy & windy days can make really interesting pictures and overcast means no harsh shadows.
  • Try and book your chosen photographer early even if this is over a year in advance, it will secure the date but will also secure the price against rising costs.
  • Make sure your photographer has a good business insurance policy that will cover public liability and you may also wish to enquire about them being registered on the Criminal Registrations Bureau for parents peace of mind (CRB Checked).
  • Photographers and videographers need to work together to ensure that both parties can carry out their job to ensure you get the highest standards of work.
  • Check with your church about having photographers and videographers in the building and enquire about where they are able to stand to capture your day. Some will only allow back of church access if at all.
  •  Remember it is "Your Day" and you are employing people to work for you, if you are unhappy with anything you should try to mention it ASAP so steps can be taken to make the day a total success.
  • Read testimonials to find out what other clients have thought of your photographer but also enquire if you can email the bride or groom to ask. This may seem strange but couples are only too glad to share their thoughts and would feel happy to help.


A good photographer will be one who is relaxed enough that you will feel comfortable around them and not nervous about them being with you all day but who is also professional and courteous to your guests to make them feel as involved and welcome as possible without hassling them.


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