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We understand that choosing a photographer for your most special day is a not an easy descision, it is often started as a recommendation from friends or family. But more often than not it is based on an instinct and a "feeling" you get by looking at someones work and meeting them in person. You are entrusting your wedding day in the hands of someone you may not know and you are spending a large amount of time with this person not to mention your hard earned cash. With this in mind we would always recommend meeting your potential choices and sitting down to discuss things in detail. We have listed a few points and suggestions that you may not think of but are worth considering when making your final desicion (see FAQ's for more details)

JLMedia never underestimate the importance of your day and will do everything within out power to make sure it is calm, organized, professional and fully captured as 'Moments of Time' for you to treasure and enjoy for the rest of your life.
We pride ourselves on a relaxed and friendly environment and always treat you and your guests with the upmost respect and courtesy. We carry long distance telephoto lenses which enable us to get close to the action without 'getting in your face' and because we are often found on the side line we can capture those 'real' pictures that will have you smiling with joy every time you look at your album.

We shoot with the very latest 21 megapixel Canon Camera and professional Canon lenses (see kit bag for full description) we also carry a second professional Canon Camera in case the unmentionable should happen.
We back up the pictures onto a seperate hard drive during the day and retain the images on the original memory card so there is always two copies of everything. Only when the pictures are uploaded onto our Apple Mac and backed up on an additional hard drive do we wipe the memory cards. We also copy the raw files onto CD which is stored off site to allieviate any unforseen circumstance.

Once the pictures have been sorted and converted from raw files to high quality Jpegs we will arrange a meeting in our comfortable air conditioned office where you can view the pictures in high defintion whilst sipping Champagne or cold juice. After you have relived your day we will start the process of whittling down the many photos to your most prized memories that you want to showcase forever. This is acheived by using software that allows the pictures to be filtered by ratings and normally takes around three stages. Once we have a final draft we will personally design your unique album and offer another viewing to proof this before we send it off to the printers. This process generally takes around 12 weeks but is often sooner.

The Graphi albums are hand crafted in Italy and will take your breath away. They are always met with a heartfelt WOW when they are taken out of their suitcase. These are bookbound and the assembly come with a lifetime guarantee for your piece of mind. There is also a large selection of additional size books for Parents, Bridesmaids, Friends or to keep in your handbag to show to anyone you meet, and believe us, You Will....

We do offer other album manufacturers such as the more traditional style Jorgansen Mounted Albums and the superb value for money, Memorease. These can be viewed in more detail in our "Albums and Prices" page. Please take a moment to have a look at our discounted packages for the couples who are looking for Albums for themselves, parents and participents.

In our opinion the best formula for an album that will keep it's unique longevity would be one that tells a story throughout the day, it should have a beginning middle and an end, which is why we always recommend coming along to at least the Brides home to capture the excitement and magic of the pre wedding preperation. This also enables the groom to see what a "Proper" pre wedding morning should be, rather than a round of golf, a couple of drinks and the mutterings of "We better get dressed and get down there"

Of course we would love to come along and capture the guys Pre Wedding Preperation as well. This looks fantastic in the album as it completes the missing moments for each partner. This normally involves two photographers because of timing issues. This can be combined with the second photographer attending the day to capture those extra moments.




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