Wedding Payment Plan

Wedding Payment Plan


Don't fancy four toasters and a crystal cut vase for your wedding present?


It is not uncommon for most couples getting married to have already set up home and have most of the things they desire, which is why a lot of couples opt for gift vouchers or the awkward subject of cash as a wedding gift. It is also not unusual for a couple to listen to their heads and opt for a slightly cheaper album because of the current economical climate rather than following their hearts and having the album of their dreams to treasure forever.

Why not have your guests pay towards your wedding album in advance as their wedding gift.

We have set up a section on our website where guests can choose how much they would like to contribute towards the wedding album, this can be any amount in denominations of £5.00 We will send out a confirmation letter along with a card they can give to you on the day of the wedding showing they have contributed towards your dream album.

Why not pay small amounts yourself each month as well to bring down the cost gradually rather than having to find one large lump sum two weeks before the wedding. You could even set up a direct debit if you wish and we will send out a quarterly statement quoting how much has been paid and the balance left.

To take advantage of this offer just pay the standard £200 deposit to secure the date & price and chose from one of the package deals.  We will give you a specific website link to add to your wedding list and your guests do the rest. The payments are secured via world pay and pay pal.


Please Click Here to be directed to the payments page


*This deal is for packages only rather than single albums.


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