Hair Photography

Hair Photography


Taking time to set up a picture and making sure everything is totally spot on is never a chore and is something we take great pride and enjoyment in, which is why we thrive on the thrill and excitement that Hair Photography brings, it is amazing working with a team of stylists who are all really passionate about their fields and rely on each other to make sure the job becomes a massive success.

You may be looking for salon shots to furnish your walls and windows, or perhaps you are having a staff training night and wish to capture the pictures at their best or you may be looking to enter one of the various competitions throughout the year. Whichever reason please do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss this further.

We can be found at most hair events throughtout the Essex and surrounding areas covering events like L'Oreal Hair Colour Trophy, Matrix, J&E Gala to name but a few, please see our website for regular updates and galleries.


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All pictures are owned by JLMedia Ltd and must not be taken without prior consent.